Nigeria fashion industry aren’t joking no more. From the designers to the stylists, infact to the whole glam squad and these celebrities are peng muse. They make glamming look so easy.

Let’s take a sneak peek into Africa magic viewer’s choice award night. Oh jezz! My chest was literally jumping out, it looked like someone was cutting onions all night. From the Red carpet moment to the Ceremony, I was so imoziona (emotional). They didn’t come to play cards at all.

I selected a few dresses to write on, I couldn’t even pick my best 10, I love 90% of the outfits. So, I’ll share my thoughts

Oh baby! The truth is I’m not a fan, but God damn it! Shes got a good taste for fashion. Then this red dress made my heart skip, I think Lanredasilva deserves a standing ovation please. Everything about the dress is a Yes, the fabric, the neck cut, the fringe patches, the satin train. It’s the perfect style for her curves. Then her glam squad deserves an applause.

There is still something I haven’t gotten, was it supposed to be for a photoshoot and she just had to wear it last minute? because that is the only conclusion I can draw from this. Who is the stylist? please I need to meet whoever styled a living soul like this to an AMVCA night, some fashion rules can’t be broken, is this an angelic theme or something. Infact whatever it is, my fingers are pointing down, and I have a long press on my red button. I’m out of here please.

Her outfit is seraphic, she looked like a white dove dripping sauce. I’m sorry, but I think Bambam’s stylist or maybe designer needs to learn from this. The uniqueness in feathered dress was still created, we got the pure and sublime message she was trying to pass across. It a big Yes please

There’s something intriguing abut Toyo baby, I’m yet to discover what it is thoo, but what I know is this babe has got a natural sauce. They say green with envy, but she said no, I want to add some lemonade and drip a bit of ketchup. I love everything about the outfit, the fabric, the colours, the details. It’s absolutely stunning.

The only Big brother housemate with an AMVCA award. Maami deserves some accolades abeg. Her outfits to the award night were peng. I like side trains but damn, the blue dress got a unique side train. Then the neck cut of the red and black dress can make you melt on the spot. Somo by somo is good mehn, Stylist extraordinaire. Then her Glam team, immediately I saw her, I saw makeupbyashabee’s 10 fingers, subtle look with fire. She got me 100%

How else can you style a butterfly themed dress, if not like this. The fabric, the one-sided butterfly sleeve. The waterfall side train. I see Dakore, I see butterfly dripping sauce. The stylist and designer needs to be applauded. Then the beautiful Dakore did justice.

Hour glass Madam, Coke bottle Mistress, the Princess to the Captain. When I say you can never go wrong in black, just agree. Omotola stepped out in 2 different black dresses that turned heads. They were absolutely gorgeous. Life really begins at 40, I think I need some beauty tips from this Aunty.

Black really don’t crack, please tell mummy she is getting old, let her leave this hotness for us. Haba! How else can a sequin dress look to an award night. Mama kept glowing all night and ehh, Daddy Olu Jacobs Agbada got the Yoruba demons running please

TV girls don’t disappoint anyway. Please what exactly did Maiatafo call this piece. I see fierce, I see hotness, one sided dress, one sided blazer, the slit. Please Mai deserves an international recognition. Jeniffer’s stylist didn’t leave any stone unturned, she carefully drafted this, instead of coming to play cards, she made the card her purse. Jennifer’s look is a big Yes.

I feel like predicting her has the next Trail blazer Recipient. Fire fire fire! damn it! The fabric is everything, my chest!! Simple and classy, all shades of gorgeous. Waist beautifully snatched.

Purple depicts Royalty, Stylerave did justice to this piece. 2019 brides where are you, Bukola is here with bridal inspo oo, Mehn! This dress made my heart skip, the black net roses, the colour, the fabric, the cuts, let me stop before I start crying like a baby.

Outfits to 2018 AMVCA night were stunning. I need to give special recognition to the likes of Jane Micheal-Ekanem, Mai Atafo, Style Rave, Somo by Somo, these guys did an amazing job.

And yes, I didn’t see any guy go wrong that night o, Desmond Eliot, Ebuka, IK… think these people are married men, chaii! Let me know your thoughts, please drop in the comment section.


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