His smile caught my attention first, I had already experienced so much stress from the day’s work, and I just wanted to go home. Today, I’ve had to deal with various complaints from our clients, from the issues that could have been resolved with patience, to the ones that actually needed to get to me. Imagine, if everyone brings their complaints to you, who would you take yours too?

Try to imagine my joy when he came over, and just smiled before he even said anything, I was so interested in listening to what he had to say, though he brought another issue I had to resolve, his smile made me happy to do my job.

Omotayo Tajudeen
Photo by Omotayo Tajudeen

Most times, I try to wonder how God feels when we complain, about the things we don’t have and forget to appreciate, the things we have. Have you ever tried to share a smile with God? How would you then be able to appreciate people for the service they render?

We shouldn’t neglect these little courteous gestures, they might just make someone’s day. We shouldn’t forget to appreciate people for doing their work, for the very fact that they are doing it is something to appreciate. I’m sure you must have complained if you didn’t get attended to on time in a bank, just imagine no one even listened to you, that would even be worse.

So, appreciate the ears that listen; the hands that extend to help, the shoulders that you can lean on, the hearts that are accommodating, and most importantly, the God that loves you genuinely.

I am Oluwatobiloba Agboola; a creative writer and everything in between. I’ll be telling stories from images captured by Omotayo Tajudeen (@tayodepo). Stay tuned, and feel free to type how you feel about them.

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