If you take a tiny piece out of a full package, it stops being full and becomes less of how it was before. If you remove a letter from a word, it stops being that word and becomes a new word or nothing at all, just letters placed beside each other.

This world has become accustomed to people that exploit it and barely notice that every tiny piece removed, makes the world less than it was. So, you need to plant seeds on earth, and in the hearts of people. Make the best out of your conversations with people, and as you’ll gain from them, give out by teaching others too. Be faithful in everything you’re to do, and plant seeds of love in people’s hearts.

I am Oluwatobiloba Agboola, a creative writer, and everything in between. I’ll be dropping short stories talking about different areas of life. Do stay tuned, and feel free to give feedback.


  • Alexander Adetayo
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  • Favour Adeoye
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    This is a great piece.Sacrosanct!

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