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So in my last post, I said I would be sharing the compositional guidelines I have used over time and for clarity, I would be using images I made in different places and situations to explain these guidelines; while also giving an insight as to the reason I chose to compose the image that way — more like taking you through my thought process.

To begin this “series”, I would share this image I particularly love so much, because asides from my love for the game, it really captures the essence of the whole image by telling the whole story at first glance without having to question the event, while still leaving room for suspense (what happened next). 

The image above was made during a penalty shoot-out after the match couldn’t be settled in regular time and had to go into the lucky game of penalties. 



As said earlier, there are various methods and guidelines that can be used to create a wonderful image that tells a story, is well balanced, and also, very pleasing to the eye. The technique used for this image is generally known as “FRAMING” or in some cases “A-frame within a frame” — depending on the number of “frames in the photograph.

Here, I used the goalpost as a frame for the goalkeeper and the penalty taker, who I also framed between the goalie’s legs — this was done so as to create a visual relationship between the three major elements in this photo (goal post, goal-keeper, and penalty taker) and bring them together, all within the same frame while creating visual balance and telling the story; giving the photograph a sort of “independence” in order to make the photograph stand on its own even when I won’t be there to explain what was happening.



I created this image from a very low angle — Yes, I was actually lying flat on my belly; in order to first and foremost, properly put my major elements (the post, goalie, and player) in the frames I wanted them to be. This perspective also put the goalkeeper in a more powerful position, because at this point, he would be considered a hero if he made the save or prevent the opponent from scoring.

I also wanted to reproduce the heightened level of tension in the atmosphere, coupled with the fact that it was getting late as evident in the golden skies and thickly shadowed foreground. These were the major factors that influenced my decision to make this photograph from a very low angle in order to recreate the tension of the day in the photograph. 

I made this timeless image with a mobile phone (An Infinix X572) at the Black Gold camp in Kaduna where I had my 21-day orientation ahead of my National Youth Service year in August of 2018 and the penalty in question was the last kick between Platoon 2 and Platoon 10, and for those who want to know, it was saved by the goalkeeper.

I remain The Drone and I’ll be back with other images in my next posts, so stay tuned and remember to share and give your feedback, suggestions, and comments will be highly appreciated.
Stay safe!

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