It is no longer news that, Corona Virus Pandemic has taken over every spotlight of the world. The world has been battling this virus since 2019 when it was first discovered in Whuan China. Just has the front liners and scientists are beckoning to the world to stay safe from the virus by following the safety measures, it is important that as individuals, for the sake of ourselves and loved ones, we stay as safe as possible.

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The Nigerian Government is now enforcing the use of Face masks as it seem to be the best form of protection against this virus, pending the time the vaccines would be discovered and administered to the world. But it is not enough to enforce the use of a Face mask if the proper use of the mask is not taught to so many, as this is a new culture to everybody.

Face mask is a personal protective equipment (PPE) used by people in the field of science, to protect themselves from exposure to risks and hazards. It is worn to cover from the bridge of the nose, to the mouth. Face masks are to be used and discarded, as they are non-reusable materials. But since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the face masks have become inaccessible and expensive to the reach of many, as it is been hoarded and not produced as much has it has always been.

A doctor wearing face and mouth protective gadgets.
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But the good news is, you can make a Face mask by yourself, you don’t have to wait for charity or spend lot on getting one. You can make your own face mask by using a cotton linen, cut in the shape of the Face Masks and attach an elastic strap or lace up strap. You can as well give your tailor to make them for you in various colors.

But is it enough to use a Face mask and not know its proper use? Did you know that if a face mask is not worn properly, you are likely to still get an infection? Did you also know that after using a Face mask, if you don’t adhere to some rules, you can still infect yourself?

Well, that takes me into telling you the Do’s and Dont’s of  wearing a Face Masks.

The Do’s of the Face Masks

  1. Make sure the face masks is covering from the bridge of the nose or mid nose to your chin, such that your mouth is well covered also.
  2. If you have fallen hair styles (braids, weaves or long hair ), pack them together so it doesn’t get strapped with the Face mask or trap infections.
  3. For lace up straps, tie the straps behind your head and behind your neck respectively (you can make a bow for stronger and less messy straps).
  4. Remove the mask by taking it out from the back and not the front.
  5. Wash your hands after taking out the mask and immediately dispose (if it is the non-reusable masks) or soak and wash in disinfectant (if it is the hand made masks).

Common mistakes and Don’ts of the Face masks.

  1. Never pull the mask bellow your nose, below your chin, hang around the neck or on your head/forehead.
  2. Never wear a dirty or wet mask.
  3. Never cross the straps of the face masks.
  4. Never Eat nor Drink with a Mask on.
  5. Never hang the strap on one ear.
  6. Never touch the touch the front of the mask, this is highly dangerous and should be noted. Be deliberate never to touch the front of the mask
  7. Never leave any of the strap hanging.
  8. Don’t leave your hair falling around the mask.
  9. Don’t remove the mask to talk, to cough, or to sneeze.
  10. Don’t reach out for your face beneath the mask.
  11. Don’t remove masks to talk on phone or nor receive a call while your phone is touching the mask. Preferably use a hands-free.
  12. Never ever forget to wash your hands after taking off your face mask and disposing immediately or washing and disinfecting the mask.

You do not need to break the bank to get yourself a face mask, if you cannot afford a tailor made own, you can get pieces of linens and make yours by yourself.

Safety is now the new culture and like we all know, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Remember! It is one for all and all for one, stay safe and use a Face mask.

Written by: Enejedu Eseoghene


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