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The overwhelming question that comes to the mind of fresh graduates and Corpers is “What next”. As funny as it is, everyone is faced with this question, especially after the immediate conclusion of a phase in one’s life. However, I’ll be focusing on how to properly save up money as an individual.
You will agree with me that “once you carry your own water, you learn the value of every drop”. This also implies that once you start fending for yourself, you know the value of money. Not everyone is privileged to master the Art of Saving. Some people find it easier to do than others. I’ll be writing basically on how to save money and keep your finances in check.

The first step to saving money is to keep track and record of your expenses. Get a spending tracker or a notebook or a budgeting tool to monitor every one of your expenses.
The second step is to make a budget for your savings. Make sure you have a particular Target to meet for your savings. You can also try to surpass your target cause this makes your sense of responsibility hit a whole different nerve.

In addition, Find ways to cut your spending. One can sometimes be tempted to buy their wants instead of their needs and this is where caution comes into play. You need to learn to adjust your expenses to meet your budget.
The four laws of Money states that:
1. Don’t spend more than you make.
2. Don’t buy Liabilities.
3. Don’t go into debt to impress others.
4. Actively invest and track your net worth.
With these laws, you’ll see that it’s important not to live beyond your means.
Another thing to do is to set Saving Goals i.e Long and Short term goals. Long term goals could be Savings for house rent or school fees while your Short term goals could be Emergency funds, liabilities, car repair, and other immediate needs and expenses.

Always pick the correct Saving tools. For instance, you can use the Cowry wise Saving App to determine how long you want to save a particular amount or save your money via Fixed Deposit in a bank.
Another way to save is to Make Saving Automatic. Make it a do or die affair to save your specified target.
Finally, watch your savings grow. This is another way to offset bills and get yourself desired needs and wants. I hope this helps.

Photo by Seyi Ariyo on Unsplash

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