Written by: Oluwagbogo Eniafe

Rejection is a necessary part of human experience, even as unfortunate as it may seem. Rejection from friends, Rejection from companies, Rejection from relationships. Everyone is faced with rejection at some point in their life and this doesn’t mean they should feel less of themselves. In fact, rejection is a whole new ball game entirely. It makes you search deep within yourself. It opens up your fear of failure and other aligned fears one might have before acceptance. As one who has countlessly faced rejection, I’d say that I Love Rejection.

Broken Heart
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Rejection is a motivation in another form. It makes you do better. It makes you aspire to be the best version of yourself and not just mediocre or average. “Don’t come visiting dear, Maybe some other time, Oops!”. We’ve all been frustrated when confronted by rejection. This actually means that wasn’t the perfect timing for your request or you didn’t go about it the right way and probably should adjust. At this point, it is Germaine to figure out what it is that will make your request granted and put you on the right path to become better so as to avoid rejection in the future or long run.

Rejection reminds us that we are human and imperfect beings, no matter how extraordinary we consider ourselves. The goal is to be the best version of ourselves.

Rejection is an opportunity for growth. Though, rejection can be painful, yet, a blessing in disguise. It totally depends on how you see it and the way you tend to use it.

It teaches Patience. Patience with the hope that things can be better and situations will change. Rejection makes you see opportunity in every disappointment while you wait for better days.

Rejection makes you reevaluate yourself and reconsider your goals while you explore different parts. Rather than settle or focus on just one part, you get the opportunity to review others and broaden and expand your horizon. You can also network, meet new people, and make more friends who might eventually be your source of help and a link to a way better opportunity.

When you’re rejected, it gives you an opportunity for change. Every setback is a set up for a comeback. Embrace Rejection!

I am Oluwagbogo Eniafe, a creative writer, beauty influencer, and a budding Makeup Artist. I’ll be dropping different articles on Fashion and Lifestyle. Do stay tuned, and feel free to give feedback.

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