Written by; Omotayo Tajudeen

My journey into photography started on the green and beautiful landscape of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in 2016, where to me then I was just having fun taking pictures of everything I come across — and I mean everything, from people to earthworms to butterflies to lizards to flowers to ants to scorpions, and even things I didn’t know their names or what they were.

I was a “shutter-happy” person with a phone with a good camera and I was snapping away — damaging the phone in the process. This enthusiasm didn’t go unrewarded though, as I got my first reward in June of 2019 by winning a photo contest organized by TECNO Mobile and as a result, was gifted a brand new TECNO Camon C9 mobile phone.

I completely fell in love with the act of taking pictures and making things look very nice and I started reading articles, watching tutorial videos, snapping my friends, feeding my eyes with works of other photographers whose works I loved back then, all the while never using a camera or even handle one, but I read everything I came across and I knew the parts of the camera and what they did, I knew the terms — the exposure triangle and all those technical things and how they work while still taking pictures with my phone.

Even though it wasn’t smooth, I greatly appreciate this stage of growth because it made me better as a person, made me work harder on myself and not to rely on the tool to make magic happen in such a way that when I eventually got access to a camera back then, thanks to Kareem Feranmi (Riley), I just reminded myself I had done the theory and it’s no different from what I had been doing. This has actually shaped me to believe more in myself and not the camera and the reason I have never been intimidated when there’s a sniper in the room and I’m with a 9mm pistol (most times I’m always with a 9mm pistol 😂).

I don’t want to bore everyone with too much talk so I’ll stop here for now and I’d be back with what photography is to me as a person in my next post. I remain The Drone and I’ll be back with more informative posts around photography. So keep your fingers crossed and you can also drop questions and suggestions for any topic of interest.
Stay safe!

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