Written by: Omotayo Tajudeen

Hello everyone!

So after I started my journey into photography in 2016 (you can read bout it here), I have learned quite a few things between then and now, both on and off the field; and I will be using this platform to share a few of those few things (completely from my own perspective) hoping it will help and also inspire someone out there.

Photo by Ian Beckley via Pexels

First, I would like to define what photography is to me as a person.  Personally I see photography simply as writing with light, but the tool with which you write and the font you choose to write solely depends on you as an artist and photographer. With that said, I would also like to further buttress the point that even though there’s a lot of physics and technology involved, photography is primarily a form of art before anything else and this means there’s a lot of room for individualism and creativity. 

Secondly, being an art, there are no rules in photography. The highest and closest you would ever get to that is having a guideline to follow in order to help you create better images and make better photographs. There are no such things as compositional rules, see them more like compositional guidelines — this is so because I’ve countless times broken/bent the so-called rules and created images that were better off than the ones made obeying the rules.

This isn’t to say the compositional guidelines aren’t important, a matter of fact, I see them as the most important things to learn in photography, and this is because it’s the foundation every other aspect of photography and photos are built. Get the best light, best camera, fastest lens, most beautiful environment, and having a poorly composed frame would take the glory off every other element in that photo, hence making a potentially great image look very ordinary.

I would be sharing a few of the compositional guidelines I have used over time while making photographs in my next blog posts. So stay tuned and remember to share and give your feedback. I remain The Drone and I’ll be back with more informative posts around photography. So keep your fingers crossed and you can also drop questions and suggestions for any topic of interest.
Stay safe!

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