A lot of small scales brands have been worried about their social media presence these days due to the COVID 19 pandemic that affected most of us all over the world. Social media is here to stay and it’s a core to the success of your brand if you can follow a couple of hacks that will help get across to your target audience over time if followed. These are hacks that can upgrade your social media game and boost your business especially during a time when it is vital to stay connected to your virtual community.

  1. Leverage on the power of hashtag: Hashtag gives your post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) wider audience checking out that hashtag. While using a hashtag, it’s advisable not to use hashtags that have a number of posts on it e.g #Love #Wedding. This kind of hashtag will be of minimum input to your post because tons of users are using them. Look for the hashtag will fewer than a thousand post, less than a hundred thousand post and also niche hashtags that you know you can probably rank well on based on your engagement
  2. Partner with Micro-influencers: You can partner with Micro influencer who has grown a community in which and the people in that community are your target audience. This gives your brand the opportunity to tap into influencer marketing without the costly expense of promoting with top influencers
  3. Note the ideal time to post: The ideal time to post for a page on Instagram will be found in your analytics. This is unique based on the audience you have but the basic high-end engagement time falls between 6 PM – 10 PM when most people will be on the internet.
  4. Insta Stories: Leverage on your Insta Stories to share the human side of your brand also. People need a connection. Give it to them through your Instagram stories because it lasts 24 hours. Make sure your Instagram stories have a beginning, middle, and end (it shouldn’t be too much). You can also engage your followers via your Instagram story to build brand trust.
  5. Link your accounts: in other to save you the stress of going to each social media platform to post your content, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook page and also your Twitter account. Although I’ll recommend you link your Facebook page and your Instagram because twitter tends to just put your caption and change the picture to URL link for Instagram

These hacks will only be effective if you push out quality content.

I am Samuel Solaja, a social media manager that cares about SME brand thriving online. Walk with me as I take you through the journey of making your brand better using social media

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