“The Green Room” is a phone photography workshop organised by Abiola Olusola Oluwaseyi (Starmond) that entails creative minds coming together to learn and to showcase various phone photography skills and concepts. The workshop was prompted by the lack of cameras and gadgets for creative minds to be able to execute and express their photography skills.

The workshop comprise creative from different fields of phone photography such as documentary, architectural, portrait, food, street and phone photo editing. Photography has been one of the channels in which creative minds are using to express their emotions and state of mind. Over the years, it has been discovered that Africa has less photographers to tell their everyday stories and since creativity has no limit, we believe photography also has no limit. Phones have over the years been able to breach the gap between day to day photography and high end professional photography because the mobility of mobile phones make it easy to take pictures along busy streets, mushy areas and crowded markets without the fear of damaging your camera or problems that come with moving the expensive gears about.

Mobile phones have also been able to developed highly sophisticated software and applications that make for easy and professional photo editing such as Google Snapseed, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Pixlr, Polarr e.t.c. To this end, we believe “The Green Room” would serve as a worthy workshop for phone photography enthusiasts.

The first edition of The Green Room took place at Nest by KUTA in Oke-Ilewo Abeokuta Ogun State on the 12th September 2018.

The Green Room brought with her Top notch Photographers from different part of Nigeria and different niche of Photography:-

-Jide Odukoya ( @jopstudios ) ; Talked about the Art of Photography and rules guiding composition in photography.

-Salami Taiwo ( @gsv_p) ; Talked about taking makeup photographs with your mobile phones via a practical class.

– Abdusalam Khalid Hamza ( @dr_khalidz ); Talked about shooting topnotch documentary photographs with your mobile phones.

– Bennita Nnachortam (@dearyoungleader ); Talked about the idea of storytelling through photography and how you can start up with what you have in photography.

– Isaac Adedeji ( @hyzickking ); Taught everyone that attended how to edit with basic editing softwares/applications on their mobile phones and how they can get fascinating image after editing their images.

– Egha Maxwell ( @eghamaxwell ); A top notch videographer in the city of Abeokuta taught and showed the participants of The Green Room the gears for phone videography / basic skills in shooting a video with your mobile phones and apps that would spice up your video editing skills.

– Abiola Olusola ( @starmond_shots ); The conveneer of The Green Room showed talked about Phone photography and why shooting in different angles are very important in mobile phone photography.

The workshop was able to give participants insight on photography and how they can do great in photography and videography with what they posses without been infected with the Gadget Acquiring Syndrom (GAS).

Below is a form for the participants for feedback on the workshop The Green Room!

https://goo.gl/forms/Fxqi8lWeiUU32Fp53 !

Kindly fill the form for a clearer survey of the workshop!

Photo credit goes to @gsv_p @nugashotit and @tifeolayemi_photography

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