At this point, I am psyched because why not? I’m pretty sure Coca-Cola didn’t waste millions of dollars on the advertising they did; The name branding and ShareACoke concept.

The joy from digging into a rack of Coca-Cola bottles in an endless search to find “Dvrmvc” would have been immeasurable or finding out your big can of Coca-Cola can actually be divided into two. I’d still drink the two cans anyway… Lol

This is why great brands tell stories. Simply because they believe that with just the right emotion, everyone listens. They don’t want to be the loud guy in the hallway screaming, “My parents are not around, so come over for a sleepover”. Chances are, that guy will definitely get ignored. I mean, everyone tells us that every day, so why should we listen to you.

As a great brand, understand your customers might have a brand similar to yours. So, when you tell a story, you invite customers on your own train ride and show them all that you and all that you do.

To understand more about this, stay tuned for the next episode.

Photo by Rohan Jahagirdar from Pexels

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